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Via Collection

pattern O in Cream, Fossil, Shale, Cascade Grey
pattern L in Hale Navy and Metallic 010

“For reasons that are far from simple, we all get enormous pleasure out of patterns, possibly because they illustrate so beautifully the extremes of human perception—unity and diversity—flow together to make one thing.”

George Nelson

Patterns in our built environment create character, tell stories, and bring spaces to life. Tile can take an ordinary wall from a flat plane to a surface with depth and character. The Via collection, designed by Kristine Morich, draws on a rich history of decorative tilework found in the Andalusian region of Spain. For Kristine, finding patterns both obvious and obscure, is one of the most exciting things about traveling. The striking geometric patterns of Via merges Spanish motifs with contemporary style.

The Via Collection is composed of only four tile shapes—the hex, diamond, small dart, and large dart. But with this simple assortment, sixteen different patterns can be created, and when combined with our extensive palette the variations are endless.

Via Collection Shapes

Small Dart
Large Dart
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Pattern Guide

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Bring your walls to life.

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Pattern B
Pattern C
Pattern D
Pattern E
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Pattern H
Pattern I
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Pattern O
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Kristine Morich is a Portland based multi-disciplinary designer that specializes in product, lighting, and furniture design. While studying industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design, Kristine fell in love with ceramics and was hooked after the first kiln she fired. She established her own studio in 2008 and continues to be inspired by the interplay between ceramics and design. She is especially drawn to how color, texture, and pattern can transform an interior. The combination of these elements can help to create a sense of dimension and movement within a space. The marriage of process, materials, and craft is very important for all of her designs, which perfectly aligns with the Clayhaus philosophy.


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